What does Eyecode™ technology do for patients?

PATIENT BENEFIT = Eyecode technology provides effortless vision.

Eyecode technology maximizes the performance of the design for each patient based on the position of their eyes, through the measurement of the eye rotation center (ERC).

How does Eyecode technology work?



The Visioffice® System precisely measures the position of the eyes. Eyecode technology uses those measurements to calculate a unique lens design for the individual patient:

Eye position : this is determined by the pupillary distance (PD), fitting height (FH), and the proprietary measurement of the center of the eye (ERC).

The frame fit: this is determined by the pantoscopic tilt and frame wrap. The vertex is not needed because the ERC can be directly measured by the Visioffice System.

Natural head position: This is determined by the position of the head which defines where the patient looks through their lenses.

US Patent #8,360,580

What does Varilux® Fit technology do for patients?

PATIENT BENEFIT = Assures outstanding visual performance, regardless of how the frame fits.

Varilux Fit technology maximizes the performance of the lens design by customizing it to the position of the lens.

Did You Know?


How does Varilux Fit technology work?

The personalization process of Varilux Fit technology is based on three individual wearing parameters:


Varilux Fit technology takes into account the position of the lens in the frame.

Accurate measurements assure outstanding visual performance for each patient.

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